Veterans support Governor Sarah Palin

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Veteran Supporter's Comments

I was going to make the USAF my career until jerk Johnson became CIC. My Son was going to make the USN his career until Obama the communist became CIC. How many 1000s would sign-up/re-up for the privilege to serve their Country if Sarah Palin was Commander in Chief!
Barry 'Bigbare' Carson, Jupiter, FL

"Dear Sarah and Family, While I may not have money, my Honor and Support to you bears greater than cash, Sincerely,"
James Nelson, Tucson, AZ

"Sarah is the Leader we need! She will not be a wild eyed ideologue. Look at her record in Alaska against all politicians. She is perfectly Tea Party like myself."
Jeff Crocket, New Britain, CT

"Sarah Palin is what we need to bring this country back to greatness!"
Paul E. Nardi, Mesa, AZ

"I feel very alone in my support of Palin,being in a liberal bastion (Seattle). Any help finding local organized support for Palin would be appreciated.It seems to me we may have the privilege of helping propel someone who may literally be our last hope to the White House. I swore an oath to defend this country and it's Constitution and I don't feel that it has expired...even though it was 42 years ago. I'll stand by Sarah Palin to the end, win or lose."
Rudolph D. Bowen, Redmond, WA

"I am a 21 year veteran that did all of my time in Alaska....4 years AD, then 17 with the Air Guard in Fairbanks....Stood up and took notice when she was talked about on the Bob and Mark Show, prior to being elected Governor....Voted for Gov. Palin when she ousted Gov. Murky....What a blessing!"
Todd R. Wloszczynski, AK, Now FL

"I believe that Sarah Palin is the only potential Republican candidate who has a chance to beat Obama in 2012. Some people think that other possible candidates have a better chance because of the damage the liberal media has done to Sarah. They forget how quickly and effectively the media was able to damage the popular image of Sarah. That the same media could just as quickly and effectively damage the image of anyone who gets the Republican nomination. While Sarah's image in the public has been damaged by the media, she has also come a long way toward rebuilding her image. I believe that if she decides to run, and more people get to see her on her terms, many people who fear her now will come to like and support her. While other candidates may have fewer negatives right now, they will not have sufficient time to counter the media attacks if they are nominated. Sarah has been countering these attacks since 2008, and has won many people over already. I believe that she is the only possible Republican nominee who has a chance to successfully counter the attacks that the media will throw at the eventual nominee."
John P. Arnold, Grinnell, IA

"I'm a Veteran that will vote for her if she runs for President of These United States of America in 2012!"
James R Lynch, Alba, TX

"I think sarah is just what this country needs to take it back from the usurper commie in our White House. Now, we have to pressure the RNC to support her. They are afraid of her because she don't play nice with RINO's..."
Jerry G. Alford, Thomasville, NC

Michael K. Mundy, San Marcos, TX

"Sarah if you run you have my vote. I just don't have any money the VA payes everything. I have tbi and ptsd."
William C. Klein Sr, Wilmington, DE

"Sure would like Mrs. Palin to jump into this race. I personally think she is very patrotic."
Mike Hamilton, Moutain Home, AR

"As soon as She declares her candacy I`m having a sign made up for My yard that simply says SARAH in red white & blue."
Edward F. Cleary, Vassalboro Maine

"With what she has done for Alaska, She can surely turn this country around and give it back to the people like it should be."
Buddy Walker, Charles City, VA

"Palin / West 2012! Leadership we can believe in!"
Adam L. Amick, Little Elm, TX

"The RINO's and Dumocrats are scared silly. . .this Tea Party Activist is behind Sarah 100%!"
Rodney M. Person, Corry, PA

"I was very proud to serve my country. I feel so blessed to live in a country where a kid from the Bronx can volunteer to serve and be counted amoungst it's veterans. I love my country and look forward to voting for Sarah...the 1st female President of the United States!!! Thank you for this site and may God watch over Sarah and her family. "
Frankie Nunez, Jr., Lake Villa, IL

"My wife and I support Gov Palin 110%. We need someone with no-nonsense, common sense leadership to straighten up the mess we call Washington."
Jeffry A. Harrison Sr, Brandon, FL

"I like what I hear from Sarah Palin, she has the nerve to stand up to the Liberals. I hope to see a lot more."
Chuck M. Light, Amarillo, TX

"Governor, you need the tea party and the republican party. We are with you."
Robert W. Gawe, Bridgewater, CT

"Sarah Palin has more "GUTTS and BALLS" then any other politician out there. Sarah "CAN DO THE JOB" that needs to be done to run and straighten out this country! GO SARAH! GO SARAH! GO SARAH!!!"
Kathryn Rose Garza, Tempe, AZ

"I am a Viet Nam Veteran and I thank Sarah Palin for supporting our military. She speaks the truth. Our country needs to have Sarah Palin as the President of the United States." Richard E. Phelps, CA

"The resolve and fortitude of this courageous woman is astounding. I hope she runs. She will make a dam good President."
Edward R. Clark, Maryland

"I'm a Disabled Veteran and here to say This Country needs you. Please "RUN SARAH RUN" UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS CALLING YOU! "
Kathy A. Swagel, Spokane, WA

"Sarah Palin is the only one that has the good of the country at heart. We need to once again be a "Government of the people, by the people and for the people" and not a "Government of the politician, by the politician and for the politician"."
Merrill Goodsell, FL

"I believe Sarah Palin to be the only person along with the likes of Allen West that will once again restore the greatness and prosperity of America. Her understanding of all issues and the accomplishment she has made throughout her many years of service show us all that she not only speaks a good game but delivers on her word showing true result that turn into prosperity for all Americans. She also understands the tremendous sacrifices that those who have served in our armed Forces are willing to make in order to ensure the freedoms that so many take for granted. I for one served for almost 15 years honorably, and if I had the chance to do it again, I would do it without hesitation. The one thing most important in you commander in chief though is that you have the respect in him as a person of integrity as a leader - I do not have that for Barack Obama but definitely do for people such as Sarah Palin and Allen West. These are the leaders we need for our nation. "
Keir D. Sawdey, Claymont, DE

"My wife [and I] are both retired USAF members. Our youngest daughter is currently serving in the USAF. Our son is a career NCO in the USA. We just witness our niece graduation from BMT in the USAF. My nephew is scheduled to attend USAF BMT at the end of May. We are proud supporter of The Lady from Wasilla. You betcha!!!"
Bill G. Dockery, Lyles, TN

"Gov Sarah Palin is the "Joan of Arc" for US, who may rescue us from Obama's tax and spend democrats' clutches on our throats. She's a true American and I'd follow her into combat again, in fact to the gates of hell to rescue our country from the Godless liberals who control the Senate and Presidency! Geronimo ubetcha!"
John Labombard, Sr, Latham NY

"I support Sarah Palin for President for not being afraid to stand for what is right, moral and constitutional. I am a conservative and Vietman era Vet, presently a Police Chief for Veterans Affairs and support Sarah for President."
John W. Samples, IL

"Real Americans are behind you Sarah, no matter where we need to go. We know that Sarah isn't perfect and neither is anyone else. Together we can fix this and we need to do it now cause I don't think we will get another chance. "
Michael Thiltgen, Dewey, IL

"In tring times people look for answers and real leadership---Sarah Palin provides both. She shows the unique American spirit that is STILL very much a part of our country and still shines the way for all to see!"
R "Joe" Harrison, OH

"Sarah Palin is brilliant and is just a down to earth person, which is why so many idiots attack her. It makes them feel better about their pathetic life. It is sad because most of those who put down Sarah Palin can't tell you anything about American History, but they sure know a lot about the rest of the world and the communist mindset."
George W. Hendrix, FL

"PLEASE SUPPORT GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN FOR THE 2012 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, She Will Make All of Us Proud To Have Our Country Back From A Raving Lunatic."
Cedric Lydell Duncan, Winston-Salem, NC

"I'm looking forward to you leading our great nation to a better future."
Daniel M. Moore, Arlington, TX

"All I can say is THANK YOU for your Patriotic Service M'am! I voted for you and Sen McCain, and I will vote for you again. I wonder if Gov Jan Brewer and you could team up? Just the same, I'm sure you'll pick a great running partner, and I hope to see you as President Palin in '12 ! Best Regards"
Walter J. Cannon, Snellville, GA

"Looking for ways to support sarah palin in her conservative campaign to set this country on a path toward what our founding fathers envisioned."
Gary J Gillotti, Riverbank, CA

"You're the first person since Reagen who's deserved to be President."
Jonathan A. Hayes, Corvallis, OR

"I have always been proud to be an American and to serve my country, but never more so than now, [after reading Going Rogue]. Her love of our country and her sense of patriotism is infectious!"
Bryan L. Guches, Nampa, ID

"We need a President who has read and understands the Constitution. Sarah Palin is that person. I can't say that I know her future political plans, but I hope she runs."
Matthew T. Ledyard, Katy, TX

"Mrs. Palin articulates everyday value's of work, personal resposibility and the American way of life. I hope she keeps message coming."
James L. Shanyfelt, FL

"I don't like the way the Obama liberal lap dog news media have treated her and her family, also David Letterman should have been fired on the spot for the remarks about her little Daughter."
Jesse R. Watkins, Wabash, IN

"We are campaign workers for Dan Gilyeat, one of the finest individuals we've ever known. Duty, Honor, Character describes him to a T. He has been endorsed by Iraq Veterans for Congress and Combat Veterans for Congress, both Sarah Palin endorsed groups."
Joseph W. Brown , Kansas City, KS

"Sarah Palin is a WARRIOR!! She took on not only big oil but the BIG WIGS of the GOP and WON!! When an indavidual stands on principles the principles MAKE a LEADER---Reagan proved that and individuals like Palin are proving it everyday!! CLEAN HOUSE 2010 PALIN 2012!!"
Ray Clarke SR, Elizabeth City, NC

"Sarah's father gave my dad and I and Vets4Sarah pin at the book signing in Utah. There is an old greek saying that I memorized at a young age and I feel its very appropriate for America fighting back against the obama administration and that saying is "SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLUM" which translates to "IF YOU WANT PEACE, PREPARE FOR WAR". And last but not least GOD BLESS SARAH PALIN AND HER FAMILY for all their support that allows her to do what she does, keep up the great work."
Justin D. Olsen, Orem, UT

"I am 28 years old and an OIF vet. I love this country and feel you guys are marching in the right direction to get it back. I was diagnosed with inoperable brain canceer on my brainstem six months ago. I feel iif I do anything before I die, I want to be a part of this great movement. I swore to protect the constitution of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic. I feel the constitution is being trampelled on by those in congress and obama. We can't let that happen. We swore to stop it. Semper Fi. "
Richard A. Allgower, Taylor, TX

"i am a vietnam vet and have been iterested in new conservative voices. sarah palin has been in the front lines for real american values. who knows better than a mom of five and a real human being, not a cut out phony politician."
Ronald Labbe, Bedford, MA

"Keep up the great work Sarah!! God bless you and yours!!"
Christine D Lessard, Punta Gorda, FL

"Governor Palin is a Winner! She came to Houston to help Governor Rick Perry in the Republican Primary and there were huge crowds and enthusiasm for her."
R. K. Thornton, Sr., Houston, TX

"Time to stand up for our country and bring God and we the people back to Washington."
Jerry D. Coble, Graham, NC

"I am retired Army and am upset at what is happening to my country. I spent three years in Vietnam fighting for what I believed in. I find it hard to believe, watching our troops in combat now, how they can complete their mission with their Commander in Chief going against everything that is truely American. Let us work to make Sarah, a proven Commander in Chief, our next president."
Richard B Monroe, Harrison, TN

"I would like to see her run for President in 2012 with either Newt Gingrich or Michelle Bachman."
Charles E. Laufer, Yucca Valley, CA

"Sarah is the best, she really understands working, family people...I get so irritated with NBC who can't mention her name without following it up with insults, especially the smirking Afghan Hound named Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington"
John A. Laurie, New Brighton, MN


"If you persist in well-doing, relying on God to bless and sustain you against all odds and the hardships you can expect to encounter, you will emerge victorious over the forces of evil that confront our country, and you will be a beacon of reason and righteousness, and thus a tangible inspiration, to those around you."

"When Sarah Palin was running for vice president my vote was given with sincerity and hope. She definitely had experience and the promise of a bright future for our UNITED STATES of AMERICA. I still hold with that belief and my prayers are with her and those American's who make up the "Tea Party". May God shower you with many more blessings Sarah Palin and the strength needed to continue the fight to save our Nation !"

"Go Sarah! It's her time! Everyone republicans and democrats are afraid of her. She owes her allegiance to the people, not a party!" William, J, Svagdis, Macclenny, FL

"As a proud Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, I would support Sarah Palin's run for the Presidency, if and when she decides to do so; if she doesn't I will support her choice for the nomination IF he or she is a proven TRUE Conservative. Our country is in dire straits, and I feel that the only way to straighten it out is to go as far Conservative as possible, while keeping sanity. THIS COUNTRY CAN AND WILL HEAL ITSELF, IF GIVEN THE CHANCE: IF WE'RE NOT GIVEN THE CHANCE, WE'LL HAVE TO MAKE THE CHANCE HAPPEN!!"
Susan Elizabeth Lord Bizaillion, Alford, FL

"Sarah is the reason I voted for McCain. The bumper sticker is still on my truck, next to the Gadsden flag sticker."
Michael D. Case, Bristol, CT

"I'm a former U.S. Army medic and proud American . I attended one of Sarah's rallies at Brush Run park during her run for vice president and right off the bat she thanked all the veterans . That meant a lot to me . I'm not a combat vet like many others , but I feel our veterans don't get near what they deserve . I have always wanted to be able to vote for a woman president in my life time and now I may get that honor . Sarah ...Run Baby Run ! HOOAAH !!!!" Linda K Metz Mooney, Bellaire, OH

"I'm a disabled Viet Nam vet. I served my time fighting AGAINST communism not fighting For socialism. We need to re-establish the Republic and the Constitution. We need a staunch conservative leader who is not afraid to stand up and speak out on what the majority of Americans believe in...Christian principles, morality, national security and our God given rights. Gov. Palin seems to be the only voice out there that is speaking loud enough to be heard and put the fear of God into the liberal socialists. We veterans can swing a might big bat at the poles. We've already shown that we are not afraid to lead the fight for freedom. This time we'll lead with votes instead of bullets."
Douglas W Dragert, Camdenton, MO

"She needs to run for President in 2012. She needs to lay the ground work now!!!! She will be better than anyone I have seen so far."
Darla J Ozley , Moyock, NC

"I am with you all the way,let us all put GOD first in our lives and his son Jesus.The one who died for all. We love what you are doing and pray for you and yours in your daily walk. May the good Lord bless you in all you do."
Donnie R Roberts, Pelzer, SC

"We need more women like Sarah!!!"
Bill Frombach, Edinboro, PA

"All of us Vets need to be on the side of "Common Sense", and not just the Party Line!!! We all need to support a person who cares about what we have done for our Country, and not some "Empty Suit", who was just smart enough to get himself elected and lies to whomever he is speaking to at the time."
Bruce V. Wiseley, Batavia, NY

"Keep fighting the good fight. Too many freedoms are at risk. Freedoms, I have fought for. God Bless America."
Daniel R. Parkhurst, Liberty NY

"My father Retired soldier Douglas Mathers and Brother who is a Marine Ryan Mathers and myself being a soldier for over 7 years now fully support and are going to vote for Sarah Palin in 2012. Vets for Sarah in 2012 bring our country back to greatness and stop letting obama ruin our country."
Justin D. Mathers, Mishawaka, IN

"What you see with Sarah, is what you get. Honest and she does something politicians don't do as a rule. She tells the Truth, and stands up for what she believes. She doesn't have to put on aires or suck up to special interest. I was proud to vote for Sarah as governor of Alaska and she did a great job. I wished she was running for President instead of VP but I voted for her and MCCain. I'll vote for her again if given the chance."
Wayne Blackwell, Anchorage, AK

"I think Sarah Palin is the new Iron Lady. She is solid. She is USA's Diana but much smarter. People love her like they loved Diana of England before she died in that awful car crash. I already bought a Sarah bumper sticker but I will put another one on my car."
Ronald A. DeWitt, Corpus Christi, TX

"We need the open honesty of the Sarah Palins of this country (that don't say one thing and do something else.) It is time to have a woman as President that will stand up for the country and work for the people, send the self absorbed Washington politicians that are looking out for their own interest, home. We need to return to our roots and take our country back. This is the peoples land."
Linda Alexander, Berea, KY

"As a retiried vet I am worried about the direction our country is going. My older brother said after he came back from his third tour in Viet Nam said "look out, Russia will gain her freedom, but we may lose ours." God bless his soul it looks like he was right."
Harold W. Goodman, Midway, GA

"Myself, being a former elected public official, my wife and I fell in love with Sarah Palin and her family and voted for her and John McCain. We think she is TOPS and a real threat to the power crazed Dictator Obama. I love to see him squirm at her comments."
Johnnie N. Parrish, Bedford, TX

"I am a disabled Vet and an Independent Conservative. I love the way Sarah speaks so plainly and from the heart and you know she is telling you the truth, not what she thinks you might want to hear. If asked to I would volunteer to work on her campaign if she decides to run. We need someone like her who will help us get this country that so many of us have served back on track and instead of walking all over our constitution and rule of law I know she will uphold them."
Pastor David Paul Philbrick, Kannapolis, NC

"11 years in the Army I know a strong leader when I see one and Sarah is very strong!"
Charles W. Morton, Killeen, TX

It is a breath of fresh air to see someone truly prolife by faith. I sincerely hope that Sarah also loves and supports Israel in the face of terrorism. I am not in favor of a two state solution and I wish American politicians would quit pressuring Israel just to placate the Muslim hoards.. One State, A Jewish State with Jerusalem as its undivided capital!"
Gerald S Newsom, TX


"God Bless Ms. Palin, she has the "right stuff.""
Julius B. Carey, Lake City, FL

"She doesn't talk much like a politician, instead she talks like an American, which is what we need in office. "
David C. Krutsinger, Iowa

"SInce , the last election I had been very disappointed for the lack of Leadership in our party; but with Sarah Palin running for President I am hopeful that "WE WILL GET OUR COUNTRY BACK" GOD BLESS AMERICA!"
Luis A. Matias, Orlando, FL

"We need to take America back, and Sarah can do that!"
Jerry R. Mooney, Dallas, TX

"I thank GOD for her arrival on the political stage.The U.S. desperatly needs more people of her character in office."
Larry Bigard, Charleston,IL

"I went to Vietnam for the country I love, and do not want to see it destroyed!!!"
Anthony S. Berbig, Mayer, MN

"How sad that our country is full of ignorant people that think the government can't hurt them.. Well, the government is hurting them and they still dont get it, it must be some one elses fault.. Pretty bad when you travel around this world and people of other countries tell you "The USA is heading towards Socialism and Communism" Sarah we need you now more than ever.... Vote Sara Palin 2012."
Jamie M Riaza, Murrieta, CA

"I pray that we can turn this around in Nov. of this year. I would hate to think that i had to go off to war and it was all in vain. And all of the ones that we lost. It hurts just to think about it."
Norman C Caudle, Lyman, SC

"Sarah, everyone loves you because you are a STAND UP WOMAN WHO TELLS IT LIKE IT IS! Keep going Sarah, you are the kind of leader we all need. As a father of five I know it must be hard on your family and we hope they can continue to grow strong. However, our country really needs women like you and Michelle Bachmann to show those weaklings who have been holding office forever and a day to either stand up and fight for THE PEOPLE or get out of the way! Again, thank you for your service and God bless you and yours."
Alfred A. Del Vecchio, San Jose, CA

"I became a registered Republican for the first time after being a life long strongly conservative Democrat for the last 46 years . I grew up in a poor but happy family and have worked hard for everything I have now without ever asking for a handout , and last year I finally realized that the Democratic party I had always supported had been keeping most of the poor , the middle class and minorities from acheiving real success in life and the few who were able to save up enough to start a bussiness of their own were being punished for their success by having to pay the world's second highest bussiness and corporate tax which caused many of them to have to file bankruptsy and lose their bussinesses in the process . In the the last Presidential election I switched parties and voted for John McCain and Governor Palin because they represent the morals and values my family and I have lived by for all of my adult life ."
Harlow H. Wildman, Sprindale, AR

"Supported Sarah for Vice President and will campaign for and support her for President... Go Sarah."
William H. Reno, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"We love you & we love Wasilla."
Wayne R. Stutzman, Scottsdale, AZ

"Where would we be if it weren't for Sarah, Rush, Hannity, Levin, Humphries. 2010-2012 can't come soon enough!!"
Daniel R. Ayala, Las Vegas, NV

"Myself and my Veteran friends are just fed up with the obama admin shoveling crap down our throats, and then to shun our allies, its a disgrace for his presidency and the cronies that he has put into office knowing most of their past, pretending that we are all stupid.."
Charles D. Rob

erts, Pinson, AL "Kick em Out. Let's take our country back !!!! Never forget what the Liberals have done to this country."
Robert C Laird, MS

"Our country has a congress with an approval rating lower than the unemployment rate and a president who acts and speaks more like an insurance salesman than a leader. Lets Change It! Sarah has the -- Heart of a Servent -- She was a wonderful Governor. She swept out the corruption in Alaska and the elite insiders are correct to fear her.. She'll carry that same broom to D C.. God Bless Sarah" David E Hays, Ketchikan, AK

"I would like to see us return to our roots (the constitusion). I've watched this country begin to fall apart for years. It's not just the democrats. The republicans should remember whose money they are spending. The republican need to take good look at what is about to happen to the democrats, and change accordingly. They need to remember who put them where they are (maybe),and they need to think about whose money they will be spending. My political affiliation would be Other, although I lean toward the right."
James E. Wallo, Aumsville, OR

"Sarah is the direct opposite of oBAMA. We need her as CIC to undo the damage oBAMA has done. (Will not capitalize his name.) I never thought I could back a woman for CIC, but I'll sure back THIS woman!"
James P. Niemeyer, Ocala, FL

Richard Mount, Bemus Point, NY

"I'm a REAL American from a long line of Army Troops. I believe Sarah Palin is also a Real American. My father was there that december morning when japan attacked Pearl Harbor, my Uncle fought in ww2, Korea and served 3 tours in vietnam while proudly wearing the GREEN BERET! Both of these men would be turning over in their graves if they knew what these politicians are trying to turn their country into. My wife, mother, sister & husband, sister in-law and myself are all Honorable VETS and can't wait to see some REAL CHANGE back to a FREE AMERICA!"
Mark LaPlante, MI

"I am Retired Army with 27 years, a member of Oath Keepers and a Constitutionalist who believes that Sarah Palin is what the average American can relate to. She is the hope for America. God Bless America!"

"Thank you for actually supporting the troops of America, and showing it. I'd vote for you any day."
David A. Wahlstrom, Corcoran, CA

"I was in Korea (1953) and Vietnam (1968). My feelings go very deep for the men and women in the far east now.I understand all what what these guys go thru. I appreciate all the help you have been to the troops especially the Marines."
Charles E. Means, Viera, FL

"Semper Fi Governor and God Bless. You will have my vote and modest financial support for a retired individual."
George T. Hartigan Sr., Port St Lucie, FL

"It's about time somebody speaks clearly about loving our constitution. I gave an oath to protect it and my oath never expired. I am 69 yrs old and would re-enlist in the Army if they would take me. My Wife and I Love Sarah's straight talk."
John E. Welcher, Weldon, CA

"We were SO HAPPY to see your signs. We are Sarah supporters+++++!!! And, support our brave servicemen!
Robert/Beverly Frownfelter, Tehachapi, CA

"Thank you for speaking out on issues important to me and my family."
Steve Schwartz, Margate City, NJ

"Nothing would please me more than to see Sarah and Mike Huckabee teamed up on the 2012 Republican ticket. They both have class and clout."
Ronald E. Franklin, Booneville, MS

"Go Sarah Go!!! Don't back down. WE LOVE YOU!! Thank goodness someone has the nerve to speak up. We stand behind you all the way!! GOD BLESS OUR GREAT AMERICA!!!"
Robert C. Nelson, Stockton, CA

"I sent Laura Ingraham a short mail 3 months ago that i would like to see Sarah Palin / Michele Bachmann, 2 beautiful down to earth conservative Women run in 2012 cause they are the only ones i trust right now. Oh yes did I mention making history!!! Thanks" Ronald R. Worst, New Bern, NC

I think Sarah Palin is the best thing that has 'happened' to our great Country.. I hope she can inspire many to help us save the Country for which we all served."
Denne Howard, Rancho Mirage, CA

"I am a Proud Viet Nam Vet, I read your book, I am a member of as well as Heritage Foundation. I love your Freshness, your moxie, I also have a DOWNS Syndrome sister who I am her legal guardian which costs me dearly because I refuse to give her to the state as long as I breathe!!! You go Sarah!!! Please so we don't have too!!!" James R. Box, Pompano Beach, FL

"Would love to meet Sarah! Our Family couldnt be more angry about our situation in this country.. We have personally invested in this wonderful country and find it infuriating that it is being changed without consulting the people who build it."
Gabriel A. Johnson, Redding, CA

"We have experienced a Coup D'etat against the American People in what Obama and Congress has done with Health Care and other measures. The Declaration of Independence states: "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." It is time for the people to take back our Nation and our government so that the words of Abraham Lincoln shall not be in vain: "Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.""
Richard L Collett Jr, Ottumwa, IA

"Sarah is a common sense conservative, and a regular person, with regular problems just like the rest of us. I would love to see her run with Tim Pawlenty or Michelle Bachman."
Charles B. Dawson, Conyers, GA

"Please, Please Sarah. Be our first female President and stop the communist onslaught by Comrade Obama."
Robert Seghi, CA

"I am a fan of Sarah and think she can bring us together or we will organize march on Washington to rid this country of the crooks now in power and demand term limits, do what the "majority" of us want, not the"minority"."
Alvin Smith, Dothan, AL

"Godspeed Sarah Palin...Semper Fi."
William Mize, Garner, NC

"Thank you Mrs. Palin for your support of our troops, veterans and our country. We need you now, more than ever."
Patricia A. Patterson, Charles Town, WV

"Mrs. Palin is a breath of fresh air in a very stagnant political swamp. She his stirred the old "Moral Majority' back into action. (Besides, any woman that can fish has to be alright!)"
Gaylord R. Poole, Golden Valley, AZ

"Standing strong for America, and Veterans of all services, and Auxiliaries...."
Paul O. Harmon, Jr, Bayonet Point, Fl

"I lived in AK for 8 years and worked in the schools. Sarah was a great governor in the tradition of Ronald Reagan! Everyone felt like she was "their" Govenor--70% anyway! Thanks for your service to Alaska, the USA and the Veterans of the USA. God Bless you and your family for the sacrifices you continue to make for the little people..."
Helen E. Edwards, Tulsa, OK

"My service was for the US Constitution and protection of these United States. I did not fight for my country to become part of a Socialist Nation under a radical leader."
John S. Bryant, NJ

"My wife and I support your cause and enjoy your speeches. Keep up the good work, You are a great American."
James D. Adams, Crestview, FL

"Remember the gut-feeling with Reagan? Well, all I want to say's back!"
Charles E. Rogers, Bloomingdale, GA

"Live Free or Die."
David A. Lambdin jr

"Veterans understand what is needed to save our country!"
John Kiser, Lexington, KY

"Never mind hillary, we need a REAL woman to run for president. I've never donated to a political campaign in my 41 years, but if Sarah runs, I'm ponying up bigtime. Run Sarah Run!"
Scott A. Stewart, Brockton MA

"Our family gave all, and still fighting for fellow countrymen, though we question whether some deserve their status or not."
Gary M. Shive, Tega Cay, SC

"God Bless our Troops. God Bless Sarah. May God help us all that believe and stomp out those who don't and work to destroy our faith and the foundation this great country was founded on."
Brenda M. Werner, Fort Riley, KS

"I've voted Democratic my entire life, that is until Sarah Palin ran for office."
Kathy-Jo Walton, Wasilla, AK

"I'm for Sarah 100%. When I think about that knucklehead we've got as president who, on top of power grabbing our country, also weakens our defenses and apologizes to those who owe us big time it makes me sick. What a much better job Sarah would do in that Oval Office. God Bless the troops!
Bill Shurtliff, MI

"I wish I had her courage. She makes me proud again to be an American just like Reagan made me feel. That's hard to hold on to with all that's going on in Washington DC."
Harold F Hampton, Blue Springs, MO

"Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air in our country. It is about time someone wasn't afraid to be "of the people and for the people."
Everett L. Kelly, Buffalo, MO

"Voted for Sarah in the last presidential campaign and will continue to support her however and wherever I can. Our country is on a slippery slope to failure; the future of our nation is at stake and all that our Fathers, their Fathers,and we, who have served our country to keep us as the greatest nation will be lost unless we help turn this around. As a disabled Vietnam Veteran,I once again stand,ready, willing and able to again proundly serve the country thatI Love..God Bless America.. and..Sarah Palin. "
Joseph S Runewicz Sr, Warminster, PA

"As a Cold War and Iraq War Vet..Sarah has been outstanding on so many fronts especially national security and the GWOT. My son,like hers,will be joining the ranks of the Infantry(and Airborne!)this summer and I would feel more comfortable with Sarah calling the shots as Commander-in-Chief if he goes into harm's way.America needs a Reagan Conservative who believes in our constitution and the supremacy of the individual over the gov't!"
Bryan Galante, Senoia, GA

"I am a proud American and a vet of honor, who does strongly beleive in God, Country and Family. In our countries current state of affairs, we need to take lead and put someone with Sarah Palins mindset into office to ensure we get back on the right track of the running of our great country, and to also start moving things back in the right direction in the decisions that are made and to stand strong against all that opposse our rights and freedoms."
Glenn Farrugia, McKinney, TX

"Have been a fan of sarah palin when she ran with senator mccain. We need someone in the whitehouse who truly loves the men and women in the military."
Ronald Labbe, Bedford, MA

"I liked Gov. Palin from the very beginning, and now that I find she is such an advocate for the military, that pretty much "seals the deal" for me. I was stationed in Washington, D.C. for 15 years out of my almost 23 years of service and had become very jaded with the whole political process. I now have hope that we can take our country back!"
David C. Guy, NC "I believe Sarah will restore the USA back to it's original values and provide the leadership we need to protect the rights of the veterans, and their earned benefits as well as though of all US citizens."
David N. Mothkovich, Loves Park, IL

"We, my wife and I, watched her outstanding speech given at the Tea Partys' convention and were so impressed and now I am here with my wife to sign on for whatever happens next with that Great Lady. Throughly enjoyed her book "Going Rouge"
Joseph A Lynn, Albuquerque, NM

"I have looked at what she has done in Alaska. I very much like the common sense approach that she has taken. I am 49 y/o and I am feed up with what is going on in Washington, DC. She has my support, "All The Way".
Mark D. Apple, Kernersville, NC

"Sarah Palin is the mother of a Veteran and served as a govenor in command of US National Guard assets -- she's a proven winner, an outstanding mother, leader and patriot! She's earned my vote for president for 2012. "
Robert W. Freniere, Kensington, MD

"I support Sarah because she believes in America in the same manner that I do. Let the citizen decide what's best for him/her and his/her family and get the government out of our way!"
Oscar Lopez, San Antonio, TX

"In these times of challenge, the people who answer the call to protect our freedom and capitalist way of living will be the leaders of the fight inside our borders. No less important than the Great American military on foreign soil, these Great Americans are joined to protect our constitution, maintain our freedom, and see to it that we have a Government of and for the people rather than a government on the people. Governor Palin is one of us, engaged in the contest for the change made to help the people rather than the chains made to hold the people."
Roy Sherman Mercer, Angleton, TX

"This LADY has it all to be President of the United States to occupy the OVAL OFFICE in 2012. I truly belive the Eternal Power has annointed her and is leading her and protecting her from all and any harm."
Richard I. Ellis, Sun Lakes, AZ

"Finally the voice of reason, what America wants is what America needs, a vioce of concern for the real issues of security not only in the jobs outlook but the security of all that is sacred. Our American way of life , the right to choose to be free of liberal demoralizing agendas such as forced healthcare and false promises. Long live the real GOP ! Vets for Sarah, Hoo ! Rah !"
David A. Galassini Sr., Radcliff, KY

"The "silent majority" has been silent long enough! It feels great to finally have a voice--Thank You Sarah Palin!!"
Bradley S. Flaa, MN

"Sarah may not be perfect, no candidate or leader is, but she's real! She embodies what the Tea Party movement is about. I look forward to her continued presence on the American political scene."
George E Reed, Groton, CT

"We are ready for the kind of person Sarah is. I like what she has to say thus far. She doesn't take any crap from anybody. Our government today is for itself and not for the people. Let's take our Country back, before it is to late. Stand tall and true Mrs Palin. I was wondering what could be done. With this site and Sarah, I have faith things can be done to help us, the people, regain the trust in the people representing us. God Bless you Sarah Palin."
Donald J. Carr, Chandler, AZ

"I am in total support of Gov. Sarah Palin for to be the next President of The United States! She stands for everything that I believe in and Is a dynamic human being. Her dedication to duty is as ours,,the veterans of this country!"
Robert G. Trevorrow, Herington KS

"I am a military retiree who would make myself available any time, any place, to do anything to work for Sarah in any capacity. I was the elder Bush's "vets for west tennessee" campaign chairman. Life time member of VFW and Vietnam Vet. Just finished reading "Going Rogue" and did not want it to end and wanted more. I sincerely feel that Sarah is our last hope to keep our Country free from going socialist/communist."
Edward A. Wilson, Gadsden, TN

"I am a Vietnam combat vet and appreciate that Sarah will stand up and fight for me as I fought for my country. I voted for Sarah and John in 2008, and will definitely vote for Sarah in 2012. America needs someone with Sarah's strength and fortitude. Semper Fi!"
Steven R. Woda, Morriston, FL

"Sarah makes more sense on her bad days than the rest of these knuckleheads do at their prime. It's about time a strong, HONEST woman takes the helm of this great ship of state. GO SARAH!"
John Rogalski, Everett, WA

"I swore an oath to defend this country, I would do it again under Sarah's leadership!"
Richard P. Shorter, MA

"Thanks for standing up and telling it like it REALLY is Sarah!! GO FOR IT!"
Daryl J. Honey, Burney, CA

"Every woman throughout this whole world who has taken over the reins of Chief Executive has done a superb job. I fell in love with Governor Palins veiws and ideas the first moment I heard her speak! I truly feel that she would become as great and famous a President as ABRAHAM LINCOLN, or GEORGE WASHINGTON!! In my humble opinion her Administration would be 180 degrees opposite that of our current socialistic occupier of the White House!!"
Paul D. Jones, Mooresville, IN

"Being cautious about our leaders is paramount, especially future leaders. I like Sarah's political and personal ideas. Her open, frank, and honest approach is exactly what we (America) need... RIGHT NOW! I've never been more frighten for our Country and the future of our military than I am today. Dedicating my life, (27 years active duty service) to my God and to the United States of America is an honor. An honor I will uphold all the days of my life."
Jacqueline M. Poteet, Brighton, TN

"I hope she runs, after reading her book i was totally awed by her character and determination as well as her forgiving attitude."
John F. Schmidt, West Bend, IA

"There are many that stand behind you! Run for us!"
Jim Gladd, Laguna Hills, CA

"Up front, In your Face Honesty. That is what we need in America and Sarah delivers with honesty to spare. We love and support you in all your efforts. The more the opponents scream, the better we like it."
Richard E. Garner JR, CO

"Sarah Palin is one lady I'd serve with any time, she's a fighter and a real American. She strongly respects the values, commitment, honor and oath each and every man/woman gives to serve our country as brothers in arms."
James (Jimmy) W. McIver, Brenham, TX

"Alaskan women are the toughest, most resourceful people in the world. We need toughness in America. "
Eric T. Weaver, Tok, AK

"I support, and am willing to defend, everything Sarah stands for. She is the polar opposite of everything that's going on in DC now. She needs our support and protection."
Thomas W. Sheehan, Dalton, PA

"Governor Palin certainly has my vote, along with my wife's vote for President of the United States because her values are one in the same as ours. These values are of God, Country and Service along with responsibilty for ones actions."
Larry E. Williams, Monteagle, TN

"As a deployed military member, I am proud to support Sarah Palin in her quest and endeavors to right this nation from the path it currently on."
Bob Thomas, Alaska

"I want to support Governor Palin anyway I can! "
Michael S. Thompson, Houston, TX

"Thanks so much to Todd Palin for sharing his wonderful Sarah with America."
Jeffrey T Clark, Saratoga Springs, NY

"Governor Palin is the real deal. Her record of accomplishments personifies service and integrity. I will do everything possible to help her advance her ideas and ideals. And, if she decides to run for president, I will do all that I can to help with that effort. May the Lord richly bless her and her family this Christmas season."
Joseph A. Dalfonzo, Springfield, VA

"Go for it next election, we need a strong American and a person that loves this country. In the past year we as a nation have gone down hill to the point that it makes me sick, to see the leader of my country bow down to other country's is a disgrace. God willing we can make it."
Larry A. Nelson, Salem, MO

"Got my book signed and shook the hand of our next president last night. Looking forward to 2012!!"
Todd Thornton, Colorado Springs, CO

"Good luck Sarah in everything you are trying to accomplish. There are many of us that are looking forward to seeing what you are capable of doing for this country in the near future!"
Douglas M. White, Sioux Falls, SD

"Ready and willing to put our country on the right track and provide our troops with what they need to WIN! Let's stop the PC!"
Kristen W. Bright, Slidell, LA

"How I found the website? From Momma Sally today at Hastings in Richland, WA at the book signing;
"I am a Vietnam Vet who voted for you in 2008 and would do the same in 2012. As a Republican for over 40 years, I have never seen a candidate who is intelligent, caring and resourceful like you, Miss Sarah. Your record stands for itself and whether the media lets people know about it or not, the e-mail and other electronic networking systems can do the honest job...More power to the people, clean up the political waste in spending and talking, and get back to the basics of America the beautiful. Oh, PS. Sarah, if you read this...My daughter, Lisa Caynor, would be a great nominee for Ambassador to Thailand, call me...Dale"
Dale W. McNally, Pasco, WA

"Sarah is the freshest face in politics since Ronald Regan, and my family supports her 100%. Any military person would be proud to have her as Commander in Chief. GO SARAH!"
Gregory A. Miller, Castro Valley, CA

"I am so sick of our government I could puke. The way we are going, we will lose more and more of our freedoms until our lives are totally controlled by government. It's time to draw a line in the sand and I'm doing it."
Don Martin, NC

"I met Sarah and Sen. McCain in Colorado Springs in the summer of 08. She is an inspriation to all americans that hold our freedom as precious and rare. Just as she is. I pray for her and her family for safety and strength. I'm a disabled veteran and a pilot currently furloughed, and I can't wait to have her someday as our President! God Bless her and her family and the U.S.A."
Rod B. Pemberton, Colorado Springs, CO

"Sarah's got more GUTS than all the other so called leaders COMBINED! Semper Fi "
Jeff M. Jevons, Rensselear NY

"Mrs. Palin energized a lackluster campaign like I've never seen before. Unlike all too many we see running for office, she brings a down home flavor and common sense back to politics. She is a real person, not a plastic creature made by campaign managers. She loves our country and stands up for it like she did her state. Her leadership will restore an America many have thought died."
Lewis A. Waters, Vancouver, WA

"If John McCain and Sarah Palin had been elected, Sarah would have been the most influential vice president ever"
Thomas R Knight, Tucson, AZ

"I would like to see you run as President and Mike Huckabee run as Vice President. You both have good, Christian values and would use God's wisdom in turning this country around. We need Christian values put back into our government offices, including the schools. Our children are being manipulated and indoctrinated into believing lies about sexuality, as well as their government. Thank you for following the TRUTH of God's Word. God bless you:)"
Carol S. Adams, Jacksonville, FL

"Sarah has been my candidate since November 4, 2008. She has the substance that all other 2012 prospects, including Obama, sorely lack."
James K. Wass, Riverdale, MD

"We need you and support you for the run in 2012...Thank you for being a TRUE AMERICAN...."
David Richards, NC

"I admire Ms. Palin, understood completely her decision to resign as Governor. Hoped deeply for her to stay at the forefront fighting the good fight for all Americans. We need more leaders with the integrity and committment like her. It is not about woman vs man, race vs race, or religion vs atheism; this is about what is right for ALL Americans! Thank you Sarah Palin, don't stop!"
Shirline D. Housman, Mesa, AZ

James M. Meyer

"We need someone who has the desire to right the Nation and get us back on a Safe Track that will restore the Constitution and stop Judges from mandating laws. We need to get rid of Term Limits on Career Senators and Congressmen; we need to get rid of the antiquated Electoral College. We need a true Patriot in Office; not someone whose "changes" are destroying the fabric of our Nation and weakening us in the World threater. We need Sarh Palin!!!"
Kenneth W. Jaccard, Winchester, TN

"She is a common sense, real person, with real solutions in real time, just what our country needs !!!"
Michael Jay Delany, Plummer, ID

"Sarah Palin gives me hope in protecting our constitutional rights our fathers and fellow veterans have so valiantly strived to protect in serving our country. She has earned my support through her dedication, high morals, and requiring accountability in our government. Thank you Sarah."
Toby Riddell, Wasilla, AK

"Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing Sarahcuda on the national stage unencumbdered by the AK govenorship. Could be fun."
Kenneth C Kates, Dunkirk, MD

"As a supporter and a vet and how much she loves and respects the military I wanted to join. I am also a member of Team Sarah."
Daniel A. Merka, Leander, TX

"Sarah Palin has inspired many Americans who are Republican, Democrat and Independent. Her honesty and integrity is much needed in Washington DC. She is ridiculed for being an outsider, but that quality endears her to the American people. She knows what it is like to decide whether you put food on the table or pay for health insurance. She knows how to relate to the average American's problems. Sarah Palin's values have not changed since she entered political life. She remains unflappable by corrupton and fights for the American people. Her roots are deeply entrenched within the down to earth, blue collar background she understands so well. The troops just adore her and she gives them respect and adulation."
Rebekah Anne Chauhan, Palm Bay, FL

"Go Sarah! Take the GOP back to its conservative roots!"
John M Allison III, Cabot, AR

"Sarah, Thank you for standing up for America. I would follow you into battle."
David E. Maxson, WV

"During the last election, I voted for Sarah, John McCain just happened to be on the ticket. I waited in line 5 hours to see her in Raleigh, but was not able to. God Bless You Sarah Palin, you are such a refreshing HOPE for this nation Keep the faith, and GO, MY LADY GO! I WOULD BE HONORED TO HAVE YOU AS MY COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!"
Gerald E. Whitt, Raleigh, NC

"As a Vietnam veteran I'm a supporter of Palin. We need someone who isn't afraid to defend this country with whatever it takes, without apologizing for America or cowering and bowing before those that would see us all dead."
Tony L Perillo, MA

"As a veteran of U.S. military service, I am proud to support a courageous and independent political leader who strongly believes in and works for not only a strong national defense, but also stands squarely behind our service personal and veterans."
James J. Cunningham, Media, PA

"Having served our great country in Korea and Vietnam I am a John McCain supporter and when he introduced such an incredible running mate, Sarah Palin, I knew our country would be in great hands. I don't understand how a person, such as our president elect, who never served in America's military should have the honor of being called "Commander and Chief". Although Sarah's not served, she's given birth to one of our own, her son! She's got what it takes to bring our country back on track. God Bless each and every one of us."
Bud G. Spaulding, Salem, NE

"I belive Sarah Palin represents my values. Sarah is the only real conservative out there who was speaking to Americans about abortion, smaller government, real patriots. Not eveyone in this country has Americas best interest at heart and its time to speak out, and thats what Sarah did."
Kenneth L. Allen, TUCSON AZ

"I've been a big Sarah fan since April of 2008. I was hoping that Giuliani was gonna get the nod and pick Sarah. but she got it any way. She should be ready after getting re-elected Governor and the American public gets a look at what she is truly like."
Dennis C. Belcher, Bayville NY

"Sarah Palin is a great candidate and in many ways an embodiment of the Reagan principles. She must be the Republican nominee for 2012."
David Skiles, Fairfax, VA